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Dr. Andy Ptak, D.C.

I've been a chiropractor for 16 years and have been fortunate enough to help thousands of people.  I love chiropractic, yet realized there had to be something else out there that works even more holistically.  A trustworthy friend, who had researched many different systems, told me about the BodyScan.  He said it was the machine that "put it all together" and was FDA approved.  I took his advice and looked into it.  I've now been a BodyScan practitioner since December of '97.

Although I still practice as a chiropractor, 98% of my practice is devoted to Body Scanning.  We love it!!  Almost all of our new patients are referred in by their friends and family members who have gotten results from their own scans.  We've had referrals from 14 states.
We've even had three people fly in from Europe just for the BodyScan.  We're completely booked for 5 weeks out.  The results the BodyScan gets will flood your practice too.

Every week there are "little miracles" that occur.  Recently, one BodyScan saved a 5-year-old boy from having two operations. For years he had suffered from chronic ear infections and recently from inflamed adenoids.  His medical doctor scheduled him for an adenoidectomy and to have drains put in his ears. Luckily a friend of his parents told them about the BodyScan.  Three weeks after his scan and homeopathic protocol his medical doctor canceled the surgeries.

For those who are looking for a higher level of health, the BodyScan is the ultimate step.  Once people experience it, they "get it", they "love it", and they tell their friends about it.  Everyone understands that "Nature Knows Best".  The BodyScan 2010 fulfills that for ideal health.


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